Donald D. Harrington Fellows Program

Donald D. Harrington Fellows Program
A Legacy of Excellence

Faculty Fellows Program

The Faculty Fellows Program supports gifted and ambitious scholars who will, in turn, share their knowledge and success with future generations.

2016 Harrington Graduate Fellows

Graduate Fellows Program

Graduate Fellows are chosen based on their scholastic records, character and personal qualities, and commitment to pursuing a graduate degree.

Harrington Fellowship Society

Harrington Fellowship Society

All Harrington Fellows become lifetime members of the Society, which is designed to build a sense of community among the scholars through special events.

Amarillo, Texas

Annual Research Symposium

Here you will find information about the annual Donald D. Harrington Fellows Program research symposium held in Amarillo, Texas.

About the Program

The Donald D. Harrington Fellows Program was created by Sybil Harrington as a tribute to her late husband. She envisioned a program that would support gifted and ambitious scholars, who would, in turn, share their knowledge and success with future generations, perpetuating the legacy and memory of Don Harrington for all time. The University of Texas at Austin is privileged to be the home of the Harrington Fellows Program. Fellowships are awarded annually to the most highly qualified applicants from universities throughout the United States and around the world.

Faculty Fellows Program 

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This program supports approximately five Fellows each academic year. These Fellows visit UT Austin to pursue their research and collaborate with colleagues. The normal period of appointment is the academic year, though some Fellows choose to stay for the summer as well. A Harrington Faculty Fellow is on leave from her or his home university and is appointed as a visiting member of the UT Austin faculty, with a stipend representing a substantial increase over the salary at the home university, relocation expenses for external Fellows, full medical benefits, etc. Office space and limited administrative support are provided by the host department, organized research unit (ORU), or institute.

Since the primary purpose of the Harrington Faculty Fellowship is to pursue research, the Fellows have no teaching obligations. Fellows are, of course, free to conduct seminars if they wish. In addition, each Fellow will be provided with funding to support a symposium during the period of his or her stay.

To ensure the diversity of backgrounds among the recipients and sustain the international prestige of the program, at least 75 percent of the Fellows are recruited from institutions outside the university; no more than 25 percent come from UT Austin.

Graduate Fellows Program

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This program supports about 16-20 Fellows each academic year with stipends that equal or exceed those of other prestigious fellowship programs. Fellows are generally recruited from institutions outside the university, and only the Dissertation Fellows come from the graduate population at UT Austin. No more than a quarter of the Fellows are Dissertation Fellows. Undergraduates at UT Austin who apply to a graduate program at the university are eligible to be nominated for Harrington Fellowships.

All Harrington Faculty and Graduate Fellows become lifetime members of the Harrington Society. This organization is designed to build a sense of community among the scholars through special programs and events that include seminars, receptions and monthly informal luncheons. Members are encouraged to continue their involvement in the Society after their fellowships have ended.

Stay in touch!

We want to hear from all past Faculty and Graduate Fellows and find out more about the great things you are doing now. Please send us a quick email. We would love to hear from you!