2017-2018 Graduate Fellows

Caporale-Berkowitz, Norian

Norian Caporale-Berkowitz

Previous degree from: Brown University
UT Austin: Educational Psychology – Counseling

Norian's research focuses on using preventive and short-term mental health interventions to stem social isolation and promote well-being. His past work and current interests include tools such as peer counseling, social and emotional education, and novel community-based approaches, both in person and online.

Feldman, Avtalya

Avtalya Feldman

Previous degree from: Yale University
UT Austin: Clinical Psychology

Talya's research focuses on resilience within the context of life stress and traumatic events. Her current work focuses on risk, resilience, and psychopathology in first responders with the goal of developing brief, resilience based interventions to enhance well-being in this population.

Hazera, Eduardo

Eduardo Hazera

Previous degree from: Emory University
UT Austin: Anthropology - Sociocultural

Eduardo is interested in sound studies, development studies, and ecology. His current research focuses on how indigenous people in Malaysia use musical aesthetics to critique the ecological transformations caused by development.

Plumb, May

May Plumb

Previous degree from: Haverford College
UT Austin: Linguistics

May’s broad interest is in the linguistics of indigenous languages of Latin America. For the past four years she has worked with the Valley Zapotec languages, spoken in the valleys surrounding Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico. She has conducted several field trips to Oaxaca to study these languages and support languages maintenance projects, and has also worked as part of the Ticha Project to study Valley Zapotec documents written in the Mexican colonial period (1550-1810). May’s recent work includes collaboration on an initiative to support Zapotec high school students in writing their language on Twitter (#UsaTuVoz) and, more theoretically, studying conjunction (‘and’) in Colonial Valley Zapotec.