2009 - 2010 Graduate Fellows

Davis, Richard

Richard Davis

Doctoral Fellow
Theological Studies
Previous degree from Duke University
UT Austin: Department of Philosophy

Richard Davis works at the intersection of theology, epistemology, philosophy of mind, and metaphysics. He hopes to develop an integrated a priori account to address the central questions in these disciplines.

Parker, Steven

Steven Parker

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from Rice University
UT Austin: Butler School of Music

Steve Parker is interested in expanding the boundaries of live music performance. He plans to explore the combination of trombone with electronics and video and to collaborate with composers, filmmakers, and dancers. He will also examine the way that mathematics and music intersect through the study of transformational theory and artificial neural networks.

Dirks, Danielle

Danielle Dirks

Dissertation Fellow
Previous degree from University of Florida
UT Austin: Department of Sociology

Danielle Dirks' dissertation, American Capital Punishment and the Promise of Closure, examines the rise of "closure" as a contemporary rationale for the American death penalty over the past two decades.

Lee, Sangheon

Sangheon Lee

Dissertation Fellow
Chemical Engineering
Previous degree from Seoul National University, Korea
UT Austin: Department of Chemical Engineering

Sangheon Lee studies the structure and dynamics of defects and defect-dopant complexes in the silicon substrate as well as at the interface with gate oxide. His research also focuses on explaining and predicting the synthesis and structure of silicon nanoparticles embedded in amorphous silica, because of their technological relevance and potential in nanocrystal memories and optical interconnects. He uses first principles based atomistic modeling.

Chen, Hsiaojane Anna

Hsiaojane Anna Chen

Master’s Fellow
Information Studies
Previous degree from Yale University
UT Austin: School of Information

Hsiaojane Anna Chen's studies will focus on archives and special collections. Prior to beginning this degree, she completed a doctoral dissertation on the cultural imaginary of childhood and kinship in medieval English literature.

Grubert, Emily

Emily Allyce Grubert

Master’s Fellow
Atmosphere/Energy Engineering and Mathematics
Previous degree from Stanford University
UT Austin: Department of Geological Sciences

Emily Grubert studies the interactions of climate, energy, and water systems on domestic and international levels. She is particularly interested in how policy focused on one of these systems impacts others, especially when infrastructural investment is required to further a policy goal.

Contact: Dr. Marvin L. Hackert