2008 - 2009 Graduate Fellows

Bayer, Mark

Mark Bayer

Doctoral Fellow
Business Administration
Previous degree from Washington University
UT Austin: Department of Management

Mark Bayer is interested in various topics within organizational behavior and organization theory and design, including trust in the workplace, knowledge transfer and preservation within groups, leadership authenticity, procedural fairness, and group and organizational decision-making.

Cooperson, Solaman

Solaman Cooperson

Doctoral Fellow
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Previous degree from Pennsylvania State University
UT Austin: Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Solaman Cooperson is researching the development of speech and language in bilingual children with an emphasis on Spanish-English bilingualism. Specifically, he is interested in patterns of development among bilingual children that may enable one to better distinguish speech and language disorders from differences in speech and language development attributable to bilingual experience.

Heaney, Chris

Christopher Heaney

Doctoral Fellows
Latin American Studies
Previous degree from Yale University
UT Austin: Department of History

Christopher Heaney studies the history of exploration as it relates to race, nationalism and imperialism in the Americas. He is interested in how countries like Peru, Colombia and the United States have conflicted over the politics of studying pre-Columbian monuments like Machu Picchu, and indigenous peoples in the Amazon.

Muzas, Brian

Brian Muzás

Doctoral Fellow
Theology; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Previous degree from Seton Hall University; Princeton
UT Austin: LBJ School of Public Affairs

Rev. Brian Keenan Muzás is interested in international public policy concerning the technical issues, ethical considerations, and security questions surrounding nuclear weapons and missile defense systems. He is interested in how the structures, commitments, and practices of science and technology affect peace, security, political discourse, and human values.

Smith, Amy

Amy Smith

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from College of Charleston
UT Austin: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Amy Smith is interested in studying the interface between chemistry and biochemistry. She wants to use the different areas of chemistry - organic, inorganic, and physical - in order to understand the intricate details of how enzymes and organisms function.

Waring, Michael

Michael Shannon Waring

Dissertation Fellow
Civil Engineering
Previous degree from The University of Texas at Austin
UT Austin: Department of Civil Engineering

Michael Waring studies sources, fate, and control of indoor air pollutants. He is currently studying ozone-driven homogeneous and heterogeneous indoor environmental chemistry, with a specific focus on how surfaces influence indoor particle formation due to ozone/terpene reactions.

Longoria, Arturo

Arturo Longoria

Master’s Fellow
Information Studies
Previous degree from Columbia University
UT Austin: School of Information

Arturo H. Longoria is studying both academic librarianship and the design and development of digital libraries. He is interested in the digitization and organization of data stored in analog and other obsolete media formats as well as the physical preservation and conservation of media and records.