2007 - 2008 Graduate Fellows

Cox, John

Jonathan G. Cox

Doctoral Fellow
Ecology and Organismal Biology
Previous degree from Indiana State University
UT Austin: Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

John Cox studies the manner in which different evolutionary histories can influence contemporary ecological patterns. Currently, he is exploring the consequences for vulnerability to biological perturbation that different degrees of historical, ecosystem-specific heterogeneity in predation risk may have.

Crain, Nick

Nicholas G. Crain

Doctoral Fellow
Economic Sciences
Previous degree from Carnegie Mellon and Washington State University
UT Austin: Department of Finance

Nicholas Crain is interested in the way institutional and individual investors form return and risk beliefs based on signals relayed in public information.

Smith, James

James W. Smith

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from University of Saskatchewan
UT Austin: Department of Accounting

James Smith is interested in how the decisions and judgments of individuals influence accounting practices. He seeks to use psychology theory to better understand financial reporting and auditor assessments.

Bender, Kim

Kimberly A. Bender

Dissertation Fellow
Social Work
Previous degree from Colorado State University
UT Austin: School of Social Work

Kim Bender is researching psychosocial problems that link childhood abuse to subsequent juvenile delinquency to inform prevention and intervention programs for youth in the child welfare system. She uses advanced modeling to examine how pathways from abuse to delinquency vary by gender.

Gronbeck-Tedesco, John

John A. Gronbeck-Tedesco

Dissertation Fellow
American Studies
Previous degree from The University of Texas at Austin
UT Austin: Department of American Studies

John Gronbeck-Tedesco studies how the theme of revolution shaped cultural exchange between the United States and Cuba in the areas of race, politics, and social movements between 1930 and 1970. His work draws from a variety of archival and literary sources gathered in both countries.

Haeckel, Ingrid

Ingrid B. Haeckel

Master’s Fellow
Previous degree from Columbia University
UT Austin: Department of Geography and the Environment

Ingrid Haeckel is examining the ethnobotany of large, plant-based religious adornments known as arcos florales in the central Veracruz region of Mexico. She is interested in community-based research on the conservation and management of plant resources.

Rowland, Shelley

Shelley E. Rowland

Master’s Fellows
Information Studies
Previous degree from University of California – Santa Barbara
UT Austin: School of Information

Shelley Rowland is interested in the physical and digital preservation of the cultural record, particularly in record selection and strategies for increasing public awareness and use of archival collections. She will also study preservation management, conservation treatments and digitization practices.

Simpson, Icy

Icy R. Simpson

Master’s Fellow
Music Performance
Previous degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University
UT Austin: Butler School of Music

Icy R. Simpson is pursuing a Master's of Music in Opera Performance. She is delving deeper into the components of classical singing, along with gaining a better understanding of how to build a career as an opera singer.

Contact: Dr. Marvin L. Hackert