2006 - 2007 Graduate Fellows

Becker, Snowden

Snowden Becker

Doctoral Fellow
Information Studies
Previous degree from UCLA
UT Austin: School of Information

Snowden Becker is actively involved in preserving home movies and other ephemeral media as part of our larger cultural heritage. Her research focuses on the use of home movies as historical, scientific, and personal evidence, and the integration of motion pictures into mixed archival collections.

Henderson, Lucia

Lucia Henderson

Doctoral Fellow
Art History
Previous degree from University of California – San Diego
UT Austin: Department of Art and Art History

Lucia Henderson studies the iconographic systems of Precolumbian Mesoamerica, with a particular emphasis on the ways in which such systems are shared (or differ) across time, space, and culture. Her current research focuses on the early expressions of Maya worldview and religion in Late Preclassic monumental stone sculpture.

Madan, Tanvi

Tanvi Madan

Doctoral Fellow
Public Affairs
Previous degree from Yale University
UT Austin: LBJ School of Public Affairs

Tanvi Madan studies U.S. and Indian foreign policy decision-making. She is interested in how decision-making in the U.S. and India relates to their bilateral relationship and how it has been affected by the prevailing global environment, by differing priorities, perceptions and politics, by the personalities and policy processes involved, and by the relationships that each state has had with other countries.

Mereb, Martin

Martin Mereb

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
UT Austin: Department of Mathematics

Martin Mereb studies number theory, which is the area in mathematics concerned with arithmetic problems, good approximation by rational numbers and integer solutions of equations arising from engineering, computation sciences and cryptology.

Stahl, Katharine

Katharine Stahl

Doctoral Fellow
Educational Psychology
Previous degree from Dartmouth College
UT Austin: Department of Educational Psychology

Katharine Stahl is interested in children's social relationships and, more particularly, in examining the connection between family relationships and peer relationships. Her interests also include attachment theory, and how attachment style affects the way in which children relate to their peers.

Cieza-Gonzalez, Lucas

Lucas A. Cieza

Dissertation Fellow
Previous degree from The University of Texas at Austin
UT Austin: Department of Astronomy

Lucas Cieza is a member of the Spitzer Legacy Project: From Molecular Cores to Planet-forming Disks. He uses Spitzer, NASA's Space Infrared Telescope, to study the evolution of circumstellar disks, the birthplace of planets.

Lee, Doh Chang

Doh Chang Lee

Dissertation Fellow
Chemical Engineering
Previous degree from Seoul National University, South Korea
UT Austin: Department of Chemical Engineering

Doh Lee is interested in physics and chemistry of nanomaterials controllably synthesized in solution-based environments. He studies growth kinetics of carbon nanotubes and silicon nanowires in supercritical fluids, and colloidal synthesis and characterization of various magnetic nanocrystals.

Lionetti, Marc

Marc Lionetti

Master’s Fellow
Educational Psychology
Previous degree from Northwestern University
UT Austin: Department of Educational Psychology

Marc Lionetti is studying psychological theory with emphasis on developmental processes and therapeutic approaches in preparation for a career as a secondary school counselor.

Ma, Xiaowen

Xiaowen Ma (Sherry Thomas)

Master’s Fellow
Professional Accounting
Previous degree from Louisiana State University
UT Austin: Department of Accounting

Xiaowen Ma is interested in becoming a forensic accounting specialist and fraud examiner.

Contact: Dr. Marvin L. Hackert