2002 - 2003 Graduate Fellows

02-03 grad fellows-group
Back row, left to right: Gonzalo Xavier Alcalde, Till Florian A. Richter, Ryan Patrick Taylor, Laurel Ann Alexander, David Samuel Smith
Middle row, left to right: Lauren Elise Apter, Jean Anne Lauer, Sarah Dodge Warren, Martin Thomas Woodlee
Front row, left to right: Hanna Reid Fischer, Karen Christine Gonzalez, Laura Anne Feeney

02-03 grad fellows group 2
Back row, left to right: Eric Michael Katerman, Jocelyn Sunshine Duffy, Han-Joo Lee
Middle row, left to right: Eric Alexander Archer, Hao Cen, Luling Zhang, Jennifer Lynn Winchel, Kristin Lindsay Savicki
Front row, left to right: George Erin Teachman, Jodene Goldenring Fine, Yiquan Zou, Marian Susan Clarke, Daniel Jason Gilman

Gonzalo Xavier Alcalde

Doctoral Fellow
Public Affairs
Previous degree from University of Kentucky
UT Austin: LBJ School of Public Affairs

Gonzalo Alcalde explores the role and impact of international cooperation on social policy innovations in Peru and Latin America in the 1990s. Alcalde is interested in design and implementation of integrated poverty reduction strategies from the central government, as well as case studies in the evolution of Social Investment Funds as major institutions in Latin American social policy.

Lauren Elise Apter

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from University of Chicago
UT Austin: Department of History

Lauren Apter's research focuses on the British Empire and the Middle East, specifically focusing on the last decade of the British mandate in Palestine in the years leading up to the establishment of the state of Israel. Her research spans the experiences of the diverse inhabitants of Mandatory Palestine, as well as engagement and investment of Western powers in the region, in the years immediately following World War II.

Laura Ann Feeney

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from Miami University
UT Austin: Department of Physics

Laura Feeney's work concerns the search for an electron electric dipole moment. This is a fundamental property of the electron that has not yet been detected.

Jodene Goldenring Fine

Doctoral Fellow
Educational Psychology
Previous degree from University of California - Berkeley
UT Austin: Department of Educational Psychology

Jodene Fine's research examines the developmental brain morphology and functioning of children with learning disabilities using functional and structural MRI techniques. She is particularly interested in children's learning disorders that are a part of the ADHD and NLD spectrums.

Daniel Jason Gilman

Doctoral Fellow
Folkloric Anthropology
Previous degree from Haverford College
UT Austin: Department of Anthropology

Daniel Gilman studies folkloric anthropology. Specifically, Gilman is interested in studying folk music as a performed reality, not merely as a set of texts. He wants to also explore how popular compositions and well-known composers can creep into the folk domain.

Eric Michael Katerman

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from Williams College
UT Austin: Department of Mathematics

Eric Katerman’s research involves exploiting the speed and estimating the power of computers to solve interesting problems in mathematics. Specifically, his work centers on a proof that the figure-eight knot complement has minimal cusp volume for any orientable, non-compact, one-cusped hyperbolic 3-manifold.

Jean Anne Lauer

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from Albion College
UT Austin: Department of Radio-Television-Film

Jean Lauer explores Latin American and U.S. Southwest Chicano cultural production and reception. She is also interested in media distribution patterns across the U.S./Mexico border, gender and power dynamics within and across borders, and alternative media practices in communities.

Han-Joo Lee

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from Seoul National University
UT Austin: Department of Psychology

Han-Joo Lee examines the process and content characteristics of dysfunctional cognitions and behaviors in anxiety disorders, as well as how “emotional processing” can be defined and how it can be facilitated or obstructed in treatment. Further, his work examines the nature of obsessions and their related cognitive processes.

Till Florian A. Richter

Doctoral Fellow
Art and Art History
Previous degree from University of Paris, Sorbonne
UT Austin: Department of Art and Art History

Till Richter’s research evaluates contemporary art using art historical/critical and market criteria. Most of his work is devoted to the questions "How do art historical appreciation and performance in the market interact?" and "Are there universal or objective criteria that allow assessing the quality of an artwork?"

Kristin Lindsay Savicki

Doctoral Fellow
Educational Psychology
Previous degree from Swarthmore College
UT Austin: Department of Educational Psychology

Kristin Savicki examines cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic approaches to therapy. Her research interests focus on psychological variables and processes associated with academic achievement by Mexican-American adolescents - an important focus due to the high dropout rate among these youth.

David Samuel Smith

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and The University of Texas at Austin
UT Austin: Department of Astronomy

David Smith’s primary interests are astrobiology and the astrophysical constraints on planetary habitability. His research examines the origins of life, the exposure of terrestrial-like planet surfaces to ionizing radiation and cosmic rays, the terrestrial indicators of the structure of the interstellar medium, and galactic habitability.

George Erin Teachman

Doctoral Fellow
Germanic Studies
Previous degree from Case Western Reserve University
UT Austin: Department of Germanic Studies

George Teachman’s research investigates the postmodern and romantic tradition in German literature, especially the way these traditions question the reality of what we see, and their refusal to accept tradition simply because it is tradition.

Jennifer Lynn Winchel

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from Northern Illinois University
UT Austin: Department of Accounting

Jennifer Winchel examines behavioral research in the realm of financial accounting and reporting. She studies the needs and perceptions of financial statement users and analyzes the conditions under which investors use unique information, such as non-financial performance measures, in decision-making.

Martin Thomas Woodlee

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from Northwestern University
UT Austin: Department of Neuroscience

Martin Woodlee’s research focuses on the development of appropriate animal models and behavioral testing methods for assessing functional outcome following various forms of brain injury or disease.

Luling Zhang

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from University of Mississippi
UT Austin: School of Pharmacy

Luling Zhang’s research examines biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics. Particularly, Zhang studies the factors that influence the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs, and the quantitative relationship of the rates of these phases to drug therapy and toxicity.

Yiquan Zou

Doctoral Fellow
Previous degree from Beijing University of Physical Education
UT Austin: Department of Kinesiology and Health Education

Yiquan Zou’s research examines exercise physiology, including the connection between exercise and metabolism and the connection between exercise and aging.

Eric Alexander Archer

Dissertation Fellow
Previous degree from The University of Texas at Dallas
UT Austin: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Eric Archer examines a sub-discipline of chemistry termed molecular self-assembly, which refers to the art and science of designing molecules that spontaneously attract one another, folding or otherwise organizing in a predefined arrangement. Archer is also interested in covalent casting and other novel design strategies for self-assembling molecular strands of unlimited length.

Ryan Patrick Taylor

Dissertation Fellow
Previous degree from The University of Texas at Austin
UT Austin: Department of Kinesiology and Health Education

Ryan Taylor’s research examines the mechanisms by which a single bout of exercise provides a similar degree of protection against cardiac ischemic injury (heart attacks) as multiple months of exercise. The aim of this research is to lead to new protective therapies that may be used in the process of treating patients who suffer heart attacks and/or undergo bypass surgery.

Laurel Ann Alexander

Master’s Fellow
Previous degree from Washington University, St. Louis
UT Austin: School of Journalism

Laurel Alexander’s research focuses on how newspapers link mental illness to violent crime. Because people have cited their primary source of information about mental illness from newspapers, Alexander explores people’s negative perceptions of mental illness as shaped through the media.

Hao Cen

Master’s Fellow
Curriculum and Instruction
Previous degree from East China Normal Institution
UT Austin: Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Hao Cen’s research involves expanding human learning capabilities with cutting-edge technologies. His research spans computer modeling, visualization, and artificial intelligence in education innovation.

Marian Susann Clarke

Master's Fellow
Radio Television Film
Previous degree from The University of Texas at Austin
UT Austin: Department of Radio Television Film

Marian Clarke examines the wide-ranging subject of culture and power structures. Particularly, she studies social and political contests over terms of identity, such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation, and who or what decides these terms.

Jocelyn Sunshine Duffy

Master's Fellow
Library and Information Science
Previous degree from Rochester Institute of Technology
UT Austin: School of Information

Jocelyn Duffy’s research focuses on all aspects of library and information science, but she has a particular interest in how people discover new information and the processes people use when searching for topics. She is also interested in copyright and public policy.

Hannah Reid Fischer

Master's Fellow
Library and Information Science
Previous degree from Oberlin College
UT Austin: School of Information

Hannah Fischer’s research focuses on the fault line between the physical evidence of the book or manuscript and the related theories of information organization and access. Fischer is particularly interested in issues of preservation, as well as privacy issues, such as how to limit the amount of personal information corporations can legally sell or trade.

Karen Christine Gonzalez

Master's Fellow
American Studies
Previous degree from The University of Texas at Austin
UT Austin: American Studies

Karen Gonzalez examines contemporary American art from the perspective of audience experience. Particularly, she focuses on the idea of sacred American spaces.

Sarah Dodge Warren

Master's Fellow
Latin American Studies
Previous degree from University of Arizona, Tucson
UT Austin: Department of Latin American Studies

Sarah Warren’s research focuses on a Mapuche indigenous organization in Neuquen, Argentina, that is struggling for educational and territorial rights and state recognition. She examines women’s participation in the organization as well as the identity formation process of an urban indigenous group.