Current Faculty Fellows

Flores, René

René Flores

University of Washington
UT Austin host: Department of Sociology

Professor Flores investigates patterns of immigrant adaptation as well as the effect of political factors on public attitudes towards immigrants in the United States. As a Harrington Faculty Fellow, he will deploy a historical lens by using computational methodologies to assess changing attitudes towards immigrant groups in public texts during the past century.

Wilkerson, Justin

Justin Wilkerson

The University of Texas at San Antonio
UT Austin host: Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Professor Wilkerson’s research and teaching interests lie at the interface of engineering mechanics, material science, and physics. His research is focused on multiscale modeling and fundamental experiments that shed light on the nature of the mechanical behavior of materials subject to the kinds of extreme conditions generated in armor and defense applications, nuclear reactors, hypersonic aircraft, rocket motors, as well as the cores and surfaces of planets and asteroids.